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Easy 6-Step Process to claim up to $32K


Due to the complexity of the credit, customers start with eligibility questions.   You can start this process through our application HERE.

Dates & ID Verification

Customer is created in our portal and selects their eligibility dates. Customer is identified through ID, selfie, and a database check.

8821 &

Customer signs 8821 to allow us limited access to their tax records for customer validation. Accurate credit is calculated using our proprietary process.


Final calculation sent for customer review and approval via email.

Agreement & Payment

Customer signs agreement and pays the $1495 fee via credit card.

File by

SETC will send via certified mail a packet for the customer to sign, and then return to the IRS with a pre-paid certified envelope.

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Very fast process. Self Employed Credits acted quickly and was able to process my application with ease.

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Watch this video about the self-employed credits you might be eligible for.

Read the write-up on the IRS' website

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Am I eligible?

You may be if you are a self-employed individual or sole proprietor and missed work due to any of the following:

Pandemic closures


Reduced revenue


Supply Chain


Supply Chain


Eligibility Summary

See if you're eligible:


Earn up to this amount for eligible individiauls

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What our clients are saying

Am I eligible?
What is the Paid Sick and Family Leave Credit program?
How will I receive my Paid Sick and Family Leave Credit?
Is this similar to the PPP program?
Are there any deadlines for claiming the Paid Sick and Family Leave Credits?
Is the Paid Sick and Family Leave Credit a loan or a grant?
Who is eligible for the Paid Sick and Family Leave Credits?
What dates are eligible for Sick and Family Leave Credits?
What is the status of my application?
How long does it take you to process my application?
What is this credit? I can’t find a tax credit called SETC?
What is the fee you charge for filing?
Why do I have to pay your fee before filing?
If the IRS does not award me anything will you refund your fee?
How long does it take the IRS to issue funds?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a CPA or a payroll company, can I refer my clients to ERC Specialists?
Do I need to file the ERC credits received on my tax returns?