A Team of Experts.

Certified Public Accountants Filing Your Return.

All tax returns are prepared and filed by the Certified Public Accountants at Monson Strategic Accounting.

A Team of Expert Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Self Employed Tax Credits has a refined process that is easy to follow. Every step of our process has been carefully reviewed by Certified Public Accountants who understand the tax process inside and out.

When you apply for Paid Sick and Family Leave Credits, it's a CPA who finalizes your application. This is yet another reason you're in good hands when it comes to having Self Employed Credits assist with your Paid Sick and Family Leave.

Seeing if you're eligible is a quick, straightforward process. If you're a self employed individual or sole proprietor, follow our simple application process to check your eligibility.

Self Employed Credits is here to assist you with all your self employed tax credit needs.

Meet our team

Meet our team

As the experts that government agencies turn to for their specialized tax needs, we have the integrity and experience you can trust.

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Am I eligible?

You may be if you are a self-employed individual or sole proprietor and missed work due to any of the following:

Pandemic closures


Reduced revenue


Supply Chain


Supply Chain


Find out if you're eligible